TeraCopy Version 3.3 beta Free

Copying files more quickly than Windows' ordinary file management system

TeraCopy is not a backup software program that will enable you to backup and synchronize your files, but rather a software program that will make moving and copying files in your PC a lot easier and faster than ever before.
Most users settle with Windows operating system built in file copying features, without even imagining that quicker alternatives are out there. Like so many other things that come with Microsoft's operating system that have superior alternatives (Chrome over Internet Explorer, VLC over Windows media player, etc.), so has the file transferring option, which is actually a feature offered by Windows, a superior alternative called TeraCopy.
Amongst TeraCopy's advantages:
- Copying files more quickly (particularly handy to those who work with large files such as video files or games)
- Pausing and resuming file transfer processes, without aborting them (remember when you started to back up all of your video files, and just then you were anxious to check something over the Internet, but your PC's entire resources were allocated to the copying process… now you can put the process on hold for a second without having to stop it altogether)
- Issues resolution. If you've been wondering how to copy a file that Windows says is too big, or has to long a name, or for some reason is claimed to be used by another software program, you'll be happy to learn that TeraCopy provides you with extensive reports and better ways to deal with such cases
- Replacing existing feature. You can drag and drop files as before, but in the background, instead of Windows' feature, TeraCopy will be doing the work
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